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Experience gay escort in Northampton town
Outcall only to your house or flat
WhatsApp me if you like what you see.

Let me take control and I will make you moan like real horny slut
I will strip your naked and rub your cock till hard then I will suck your balls then you cock then bend you over and finger your bum hole till wet and then I will push my fat cock in your bum hole and pound your bum till cum inside your body
When finish then I will start suck your cock off in my mouth till cum inside my mouth.

I am based in Northampton near to Weston favell shopping centre area
If you live near this postcode area blow
And need a experience Male escort to
Suck your cock or fuck you bum hole
Let me give you what you missed out on
WhatsApp me if you interested.

Appointment available every day just message me to see if am available


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